Your Emotional Health and Diabetes

So you maybe wondering what does your emotional well being have to do with diabetes? Well, there a lot of factors that contribute toward diabetes, including other diseases as well. But one factor that many of us don’t put into consideration is our emotional health.

One example would be stress. Most of us knows that stress kills. Stress effects our immune system and it makes us more susceptible to diseases. And when you’re stressed out, you’re not likely to take better care of yourself. You’re not likely to eat nutritious foods or exercise. Abuse of alcohol or drugs is a good sign of poor emotional health.

When stress persists in our bodies, it causes the pancreas (the organ around your stomach that produces insulin) to work harder, producing more insulin. Overtime, the overproduction of insulin, resulting from stress as well as poor eating and physical inactivity, causes the pancreas to shut down, thus, causing diabetes.

Diabetes is sometimes triggered by lack of joy in one’s life, as well as a bad diet and physical inactivity. When the emotions are out of balance, the physical body can exhibit nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, immune conditions, or disease symptoms.

The CDC states that 85% of all (physical) diseases have an emotional component; other experts claim that this number may be as high as 100%. It is no longer a secret that our physical health is deeply connected to our mental projections and beliefs. While this may scare many who are not ready to take responsibility for how they feel, what they think, and their beliefs about their world, it is also hugely powerful, putting the power back in our hands. Through our choices of how we deal with our thoughts and emotions, we are responsible for and truly in control of our health and well-being.

So, what can you do to keep this from happening to you?

- If you’re surrounded by people who’re living unhealthy lifestyles, deviate away from these people and surround yourself with people who are living healthy lifestyles.

- Find activities you really enjoy: Listen to some good music, do some workouts you enjoy, read inspiring books, associate with inspiring people, travel, and so on.

Fredrick Gustafson is a work at home business owner and he enjoys helping people find the same success.

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